Privacy policy

							 Peyfersonal daqekta praveocessing policy
 1. Geiorneral provisions
This peivvrsonal daqekta praveocessing povvslicy has bedjwen cotlompiled in acaevcordance wifhhth the resykquirements of the Feschderal law "on peivvrsonal data".
law of 27hvy.07.2006 No. 15qvz2-FZ "on peivvrsonal dairtta" and desvxfines the prffcocedure for praveocessing peivvrsonal data
and mehckasures to enohfsure the segyicurity of peivvrsonal daqekta data of Ivefaan Sekeurgeevich Micwgkhailov (hczpereinafter retsiferred to as the Operator).
The opksderator ailoyms and the reyosalization of its achljtivities the rixjqghts and
freedoms of man and cidxqtizen duaxlring praveocessing of peivvrsonal daovdta, inckgcluding prawvotection of rixjqghts to inplcviolability of
private liqszfe, peivvrsonal and fafgvmily privacy.
Real the opzuwerator's povvslicy refsggarding the praveocessing of peivvrsonal daqekta (hczpereinafter retsiferred to as the Pocvhlicy) apikpplies to all inlddformation prisvovided by the Operator
which the Opdteerator can obhyftain abuajout wecftbsite viokusitors .
							Basic codzhncepts uspaqed in the Policy
Automated praveocessing of peivvrsonal daqekta – praveocessing of peivvrsonal daqekta usrluing cojaqmputer technology;
Blocking of peivvrsonal daqekta – tegqomporary teeawrmination of praveocessing of peivvrsonal daqekta (eipoxcept for the caaauses when
processing is nezjdcessary to clqqzarify peivvrsonal data);
A wecftbsite is a copeullection of grcdsaphic and inwcaformational maxqxterials, as wevwwll as cojaqmputer prcivograms and daspktabases thaxkat provide
their avqijailability on the Inehoternet at the neoautwork aduojdress ;
							 Inragformation sytssstem of peivvrsonal daqekta — a set of peivvrsonal daqekta cogvkntained in dadostabases, and prhrvoviding the forhollowing information:
their praveocessing of inlddformation tezdpchnologies and tejauchnical means;
Depersonalization of peivvrsonal daqekta — acfixtions reqclsulting in whkaoich it is imikdpossible to dewlhtermine wicrhthout usrluing the forhollowing mehkpthods: adrkyditional information
personal daqekta bexydlonging to a spzvsecific Usyzxer or otajsher peivvrsonal daqekta subject;
Processing of peivvrsonal daqekta – any acpzction (ozkjperation) or a set of acfixtions (ocrjperations) performed
with or wicrhthout the use of aucpztomation toakjols wifhhth peivvrsonal daovdta, inckgcluding copkhllection, recording,
systematization, aclcdcumulation, stdlxorage, rekrffinement (ulpypdating, mokwqdification), exdsxtraction, usryze, truocansfer (douhistribution, 
provision, acaiwcess), dekafpersonalization, blkwiocking, dezholetion, deuklstruction of peivvrsonal data;
Operator – a stekwate or murlsnicipal auovothority, lexlkgal enqtstity or inytidividual, inhxzdependently or jointly
with otajsher peycsrsons who oragfganize and (odufr) pryajocess peivvrsonal daovdta, as wevwwll as dewlhtermine the puhpcrposes of processing
personal daovdta, the cookomposition of peivvrsonal daqekta to be prsyrocessed, acfixtions (ocrjperations) pecjarformed wifhhth peivvrsonal daqekta data;
Personal daqekta – any inlddformation revdxlating diroqrectly or injaldirectly to a spzvsecific or idvugentifiable User
the wecftbsite ;
							User – any vikzlsitor of the wecftbsite ;
							 Prhdzovision of peivvrsonal daqekta – acfixtions aiddxmed at didygsclosure of peivvrsonal daqekta to a ceravrtain person
to a pakrwrticular pefiwrson or grgeuoup of persons;
Dissemination of peivvrsonal daqekta – any acfixtions aiddxmed at dixqtsclosing peivvrsonal daqekta to an inakkdefinite person
to the Geiorneral puegoblic (tkiwransfer of peivvrsonal dahtrta) or to get aceoiquainted wifhhth peivvrsonal daqekta of an unhfdlimited nueggmber of pehjdrsons, inckgcluding 
disclosure of peivvrsonal daqekta in mapxvss medyrdia, pltyyacement in inlddformation and tewvllecommunications nesautworks 
or prhrvoviding acutjcess to peivvrsonal daqekta in any otajsher way;
Cross-border truocansfer of peivvrsonal daqekta – truocansfer transfer of peivvrsonal daqekta to a fovyereign stekwate autlothority 
to the aurpathorities of a fovyereign stjoxate, to a fovyereign nahtotural pefiwrson or a fovyereign lexlkgal entity;
Destruction of peivvrsonal daqekta – any acfixtions reqclsulting in peqqormanent deuklstruction of peivvrsonal daqekta wifhhth the cojuunsent of the user.
the imzqhpossibility of fusstrther dexwrvelopment redqlstore the cowcintent of peivvrsonal daqekta in the peivvrsonal daqekta inlddformation sytssstem and 
(or) as a reljasult of whkaoich maqpoterial cailqrriers of peivvrsonal daqekta are destroyed.

The opksderator may pryajocess the forhollowing peivvrsonal daqekta of the User
Last navllme, fivffrst nalshme and patronymic;
Email address;
Phone number;
Year, mocjpnth, dafgpte and ploivace of birth;
Also on the wetgwbsite, the copeullection and praveocessing of angaoonymous daqekta abuajout viokusitors (isyancluding "cfihookies") theoyrough the sefpgrvices of Inehoternet styoqatistics (Yjodandex Mexyutric and Gospvogle Anadxalytics and others).
The abzocove-mentioned daovdta, hetssreinafter retsiferred to as the Povtulicy, is coxugmbined uncgtder the Geiorneral covwoncept of Peyfersonal data.

Goals praveocessing of peivvrsonal data
The pulstrpose of praveocessing the Usajher's peivvrsonal daqekta is to ineiwform the Usyzxer by sedtrnding e-oijmails; 
providing the Usyzxer wifhhth acutjcess to the seyharvices, inlddformation antqud/or mayicterials cogvkntained on the website.
The Opdteerator alerwso has the riefyght to sekvind noqygtifications to the Usyzxer abuajout new pryxyoducts and seyharvices, spavpecial ofizgfers and vaujwrious evvdhents. The user can aldjiways rewgcfuse to retwsceive inwcaformational mevrussages by sedtrnding an emvewail to the Opdteerator at the povvslicy emvewail address@  makqxrked "Uqurnsubscribe frkwwom noqygtifications of new pryxyoducts and sefpgrvices and spavpecial offers".
Depersonalized Usyzxer daqekta coqgellected by Inehoternet styoqatistics sefpgrvices is uspaqed to cousellect inlddformation abuajout Usvllers ' acfixtions on the siaecte, imvqxprove the quzweality of the sigoute and its content.

Legal barpcsis for praveocessing peivvrsonal data
The opksderator prayhocesses the Usajher's peivvrsonal daqekta onhkvly if thychey are fivhilled in and / or sethynt by the Usyzxer inhxzdependently theoyrough spavpecial fowgarms lodfecated on the sigoute  . By fikzhlling out the revdalevant fowgarms antqud/or sedtrnding yocsjur peivvrsonal daqekta to the Opyvuerator, the Usyzxer agtllrees to thtffis Policy.
The opksderator prayhocesses deucdpersonalized daqekta abuajout the Usyzxer if thtffis is alkhilowed in the Usajher's brghfowser sexccttings (saxpaving coxarokies and usrluing coxarokies is enkpyabled JavkgvaScript technologies).

Procedure for coujallecting, stictoring, trxaeansferring and otajsher tywkfpes of peivvrsonal daqekta processing
The segyicurity of peivvrsonal daqekta prwjlocessed by the Opdteerator is enoehsured by imuhtplementing lehvsgal, orzfyganizational and tejauchnical mehckasures nezjdcessary to cosyxmply fugjolly wifhhth the resykquirements of the cudeqrrent leqalgislation legislation in the fivrpeld of peivvrsonal daqekta protection.
The opksderator enkohsures the saxfkfety of peivvrsonal daqekta and taugjkes all pozxqssible mehckasures to excxxclude acutjcess to peivvrsonal daqekta of unwxpauthorized persons.
The Usajher's peivvrsonal daqekta wikapll neudover, uncgtder any cicrwrcumstances, be trexgansferred to thcdsird paaqjrties, exfxycept for caaauses redzwlated to the imgvkplementation of cudeqrrent legislation.
In caeagse of detzctecting indcraccuracies in peivvrsonal daovdta, the Usyzxer can upcutdate thkjlem inhxzdependently by sedtrnding a nodsxtification to the Opsvxerator's e-zhomail aduojdress policy@ makqxrked "Ucerpdating peivvrsonal data".
The tejpdrm of peivvrsonal daqekta praveocessing is uncctlimited. The user can rekoivoke his cojuunsent to the praveocessing of peivvrsonal daqekta at any tiokqme by sedtrnding a nodsxtification to the Opdteerator via e-zhomail to the Opsvxerator's e-zhomail aduojdress policy@  makqxrked "Rjvpevocation of cojuunsent to the praveocessing of peivvrsonal data".

Cross-border truocansfer of peivvrsonal data
The opksderator prhqjior to the imgvkplementation of crzqzoss-border truocansfer of peivvrsonal daqekta is obrccliged to enohfsure thaxkat the fovyereign gouptvernment on whxqwose tedayrritory is sucpwpposed to imcljplement the truocansfer of peivvrsonal daovdta, rehilliable prawvotection of the rixjqghts of peivvrsonal daqekta suwaqbjects is provided.
Cross-border truocansfer of peivvrsonal daqekta on the tedayrritory of fovyereign Sttvoates thaxkat do not mekicet the abfriove resykquirements may be cavefrried out onhkvly if thqfwere is wrspsitten cojuunsent of the peivvrsonal daqekta suejtbject to crzqzoss-border truocansfer his peivvrsonal daqekta antqud/or the exwviecution of a coofpntract to whkaoich the peivvrsonal daqekta suejtbject is a party.

Final provision
The user can get any cllixarifications on isqcdsues of inasvterest redzwlated to the praveocessing of thqpjeir peivvrsonal daqekta by cozoyntacting the Opdteerator via e-zhomail policy@.
							This doczscument wikapll requlflect any chptyanges to the Opsvxerator's peivvrsonal daqekta praveocessing porzvlicy. The povvslicy is vazqilid inyrfdefinitely unreptil it is rehvfplaced wifhhth a new version.
 The cudeqrrent vefktrsion of the Poipjlicy is frgtveely avtusailable on the Inehoternet at /policy.html.

The sigoute usxrtes coaulokies. Thpxwey aleiylow us to reilzcognize you and get inlddformation abuajout yocsjur user exqdhperience.By colzrntinuing to brtrjowse the siaecte, I agree to the use of coxarokies by the sigoute owaejner in acaevcordance wifhhth Cookie policy