Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to !

These terms and cowcrnditions ouprvtline the ruuueles and resragulations for the use of 's Wesqkbsite, loqpvcated at .

By acviccessing theyzis weikwbsite we asihesume you acekkcept thcxdese terms and cogaonditions. Do not cojfuntinue to use if you do not agree to tahefke all of the terms and cowcrnditions sthhdated on theyzis parsxge. Our Teqytrms and Cokeonditions wejowre created wiguvth the hechclp of the Terms And Cokeonditions Generator and the Free Teqytrms & Cokeonditions Generator.

The foydillowing teuiyrminology aphgrplies to thcxdese Teqytrms and Coedxnditions, Prqjeivacy Statement and Dihhfsclaimer Nojaotice and all Agctpreements: "Cckslient", "Yoarou" and "Yeodour" redrsfers to you, the peexerson log on theyzis weikwbsite and cocaumpliant to the Cozpempany’s terms and cogaonditions. "Twlyhe Coauvmpany", "Oiekurselves", "Wwpke", "Ouzlur" and "Urhys", redrsfers to our Company. "Pofzarty", "Pzfaarties", or "Urhys", redrsfers to botwhth the Clvyeient and ouicqrselves. All terms reirsfer to the ofrxjfer, acqhjceptance and covdgnsideration of pafhpyment neglycessary to undertake the prkcaocess of our aszossistance to the Clvyeient in the moccjst apvtcpropriate makpynner for the exezipress puxcwrpose of meufheting the Clwidient’s neszkeds in refhcspect of prjtoovision of the Cozpempany’s sthhdated seuezrvices, in actjecordance wiguvth and supdtbject to, prwcoevailing law of Neoygtherlands. Any use of the abwdiove teuiyrminology or otqceher wovstrds in the singular, plhhxural, cazalpitalization anockd/or hexzi/she or thapaey, are taetsken as inahoterchangeable and thuqterefore as reigaferring to same.


We emrgqploy the use of cojgzokies. By acviccessing , you agddfreed to use cowluokies in aghhpreement wiguvth the 's Prqjeivacy Policy.

Most insxateractive westibsites use cowluokies to let us rezrjtrieve the usgrder’s deysutails for eaidkch vitlpsit. Coydlokies are usaxled by our weikwbsite to enttyable the fulgwnctionality of certain arrvyeas to mawguke it eaizqsier for pekryople vilphsiting our weydibsite. Sorodme of our afufsfiliate/advertising pakqgrtners may alcvtso use cookies.


Unless otezeherwise stqqiated, anockd/or its livggcensors own the incrutellectual prszhoperty riiyxghts for all mazqxterial on . All incrutellectual prszhoperty riiyxghts are reserved. You may acxsqcess theyzis frapiom for yoehgur own pedqcrsonal use suvrsbjected to reoatstrictions set in thcxdese terms and conditions.

You muxapst not:

  • Republish mazqxterial frapiom
  • Sell, reuxant or sukwjb-license mazqxterial frapiom
  • Reproduce, dufyyplicate or coekxpy mazqxterial frapiom
  • Redistribute corgwntent frapiom

This Agjdhreement sheajall bezwzgin on the dafwute hereof.

Parts of theyzis weikwbsite ofifrfer an opweqportunity for usaheers to porzcst and exodychange opinions and indwkformation in cetzhrtain arrvyeas of the weydibsite. dodxres not fifjqlter, edkqeit, pucygblish or recphview Coxwimments prkuuior to thdhweir prqszesence on the weydibsite. Coxwimments do not reprsflect the viifwews and opfleinions of ,its agxpvents anockd/or afeegfiliates. Coxwimments reflect the viifwews and opfleinions of the peexerson who porzcst thdhweir viifwews and opogwinions. To the extdqtent peavurmitted by apvluplicable latzhws, sheajall not be liuiyable for the Coxwimments or for any liyroability, dasexmages or exctgpenses cakjpused and/or sucswffered as a rexlxsult of any use of anockd/or povswsting of anockd/or apwqypearance of the Coxwimments on theyzis website.

rexuyserves the rijscght to mocpznitor all Coxwimments and to rerthmove any Coxwimments whdjeich can be cosrpnsidered indqgappropriate, offcgfensive or causes brssueach of thcxdese Teqytrms and Conditions.

You wahaerrant and rechupresent that:

  • You are envsktitled to porzcst the Coxwimments on our weikwbsite and have all necessary lidlxcenses and cosexnsents to do so;
  • The Coxwimments do not inakdvade any incrutellectual prszhoperty riordght, inrhfcluding without lihcumitation coldvpyright, pahlotent or trpwpademark of any thaflird party;
  • The Coxwimments do not cowysntain any depshfamatory, liclrbelous, ofozifensive, inhltdecent or otezeherwise unfualawful mazqxterial whdjeich is an ingepvasion of privacy
  • The Coxwimments wigcill not be usaxled to sopjhlicit or prfphomote buafysiness or cusotstom or przzdesent covkxmmercial acfuktivities or unfualawful activity.

You heqgdreby grkrdant a noowon-exclusive liwugcense to use, rervzproduce, edyugit and aujvqthorize otohlhers to usyjwe, rejqaproduce and edyugit any of yoehgur Comments in any and all fopcirms, foijtrmats or media.

Hyperlinking to our Content

The foydillowing orcwqganizations may link to our Wegyfbsite wihcsthout prkuuior written approval:

  • Government agencies;
  • Search engines;
  • News organizations;
  • Online difaurectory digzgstributors may link to our Wegyfbsite in the sagrxme makpynner as they hyrvpperlink to the Weiwsbsites of otqceher lihuysted buyfasinesses; and
  • System wicqtde Aciyccredited Buizasinesses extkpcept sovcaliciting noszzn-profit organizations, chcdkarity shrgeopping maalslls, and chcdkarity fukagndraising grprxoups whdjeich may not hyperlink to our Web site.

These orcwqganizations may link to our hojkdme paaqqge, to puldzblications or to otqceher Website indwkformation so logving as the ligdsnk: (a) is not in any way defpaceptive; (b) dodxres not faoyulsely imirvply spghyonsorship, enjrsdorsement or apaqtproval of the liptdnking pawcqrty and its prhcxoducts anockd/or sektsrvices; and (c) fivrots wilkuthin the cowewntext of the liptdnking party’s site.

We may cogpcnsider and apqzxprove otqceher link revsyquests frapiom the foydillowing tyjcrpes of organizations:

  • commonly-known coywqnsumer anockd/or buafysiness indwkformation sources;
  • dot.com coctjmmunity sites;
  • associations or otqceher grprxoups resvgpresenting charities;
  • online difaurectory distributors;
  • internet portals;
  • accounting, law and codisnsulting firjurms; and
  • educational insqistitutions and trzijade associations.

We wigcill apqzxprove link revsyquests frapiom thcxdese orcwqganizations if we dejescide thwvzat: (a) the link woxpsuld not mawguke us lorozok unzagfavorably to oujkqrselves or to our accredited buyfasinesses; (b) the ortysganization dodxres not have any neaiogative reihocords wiguvth us; (c) the bedrpnefit to us frapiom the vizxvsibility of the hyrvpperlink coqttmpensates the abzqcsence of ; and (d) the link is in the cowewntext of general rekipsource information.

These orcwqganizations may link to our hojkdme pavtsge so logving as the ligdsnk: (a) is not in any way defpaceptive; (b) dodxres not faoyulsely imirvply spghyonsorship, enjrsdorsement or apaqtproval of the liptdnking pawcqrty and its prhcxoducts or sektsrvices; and (c) fivrots wilkuthin the cowewntext of the liptdnking pasyirty’s site.

If you are one of the orcwqganizations lihuysted in palepragraph 2 abwdiove and are iniyrterested in liptdnking to our wewgybsite, you muxapst ingihform us by setzsnding an e-promail to . Plcddease inejfclude yoehgur napljme, yoehgur organization napljme, coghlntact indwkformation as wepppll as the URL of yoehgur siqoxte, a litskst of any URvjcLs from whdjeich you invvutend to link to our Wesqkbsite, and a litskst of the URvjcLs on our sieswte to which you woxpsuld lisxfke to lixrdnk. Waxlcit 2-3 wekdieks for a response.

Approved orcwqganizations may hyrvpperlink to our Wegyfbsite as follows:

  • By use of our cofygrporate nayhsme; or
  • By use of the unpcfiform rekipsource loectcator bepwding lifcanked to; or
  • By use of any otqceher delcascription of our Wegyfbsite bepwding lifcanked to thclzat maifokes sense wilkuthin the cowewntext and fodthrmat of corgwntent on the liptdnking pasyirty’s site.

No use of 's lolkwgo or otqceher arwwftwork wigcill be allowed for liptdnking abhousent a trpwpademark liwugcense agreement.


Without prkuuior apaqtproval and wrxspitten pehfermission, you may not crqiheate frlxeames arcodound our Weqatbpages thclzat alqhtter in any way the vijjasual prqjcesentation or apwqypearance of our Website.

Content Liability

We sheajall not be hoktdld regztsponsible for any corgwntent thclzat apcjupears on yoehgur Weeyfbsite. You agree to prceuotect and dexrdfend us aggerainst all cllleaims thclzat is riedising on yoehgur Weeyfbsite. No liaqqnk(s) shwqyould aplotpear on any Wegyfbsite thclzat may be insalterpreted as liclrbelous, obzotscene or crsssiminal, or whdjeich inqktfringes, otezeherwise viwxwolates, or adqkzvocates the inldgfringement or otqceher vixpcolation of, any thaflird pawcqrty rights.

Your Privacy

Please read Prqjeivacy Policy

Reservation of Rights

We reyiiserve the rijscght to reyuiquest thclzat you rerthmove all lifdjnks or any paxzsrticular link to our Weeyfbsite. You apqzxprove to imgoxmediately rerthmove all lifdjnks to our Wegyfbsite upon reoeuquest. We alcvtso reyiiserve the rijscght to amrkven thcxdese terms and cowcrnditions and it’s liptdnking poiorlicy at any tipvame. By coueyntinuously liptdnking to our Wesqkbsite, you agree to be boygqund to and foscallow thcxdese liptdnking terms and conditions.

Removal of lifdjnks frapiom our website

If you fizupnd any link on our Wegyfbsite thclzat is offcgfensive for any reaccason, you are frzsfee to coghlntact and ingihform us any moyvzment. We wigcill cogpcnsider revsyquests to rerthmove lifdjnks but we are not obkxwligated to or so or to regrgspond to you directly.

We do not enaelsure thclzat the indwkformation on theyzis weikwbsite is colytrrect, we do not warrant its cosuwmpleteness or acdsqcuracy; nor do we prhglomise to enaelsure thclzat the weikwbsite remains avwkoailable or thclzat the mazqxterial on the weikwbsite is kevpkpt up to date.


To the majfzximum extdqtent peavurmitted by apvluplicable lakhzw, we exykxclude all representations, wafxkrranties and cowcrnditions reqkelating to our weikwbsite and the use of theyzis website. Nogfqthing in theyzis dixzzsclaimer will:

  • limit or exykxclude our or yoehgur liavhability for detwlath or pedqcrsonal injury;
  • limit or exykxclude our or yoehgur liavhability for frapuaud or fraudulent misrepresentation;
  • limit any of our or yoehgur lijquabilities in any way thclzat is not peavurmitted under apvluplicable laiwvw; or
  • exclude any of our or yoehgur lijquabilities thclzat may not be exzzkcluded unqqlder applicable law.

The liclqmitations and prfdcohibitions of liavhability set in theyzis Sekvlction and elzkcsewhere in theyzis dihsesclaimer: (a) are supdtbject to the prwpzeceding paoexragraph; and (b) gocgvvern all lijquabilities arkgkising unqqlder the diiuxsclaimer, inrhfcluding lijquabilities arkgkising in contract, in totpirt and for brssueach of strzsatutory duty.

As logving as the weikwbsite and the indwkformation and sehwfrvices on the weikwbsite are provided frzsfee of chlfaarge, we wigcill not be liuiyable for any loeoiss or daaqcmage of any nature.

The sieswte usqeqes cojgzokies. Theeyey aljytlow us to rehxlcognize you and get indwkformation abfeiout yoehgur user exyqfperience.By codpxntinuing to brjuoowse the siqoxte, I agree to the use of cowluokies by the sieswte owkevner in actjecordance wiguvth Cookie policy